Seraph Bay

Jacobi's Return


I sincerely apologize to you all for leaving in such a rush after our return from the mine a couple weeks ago. When we arrived in town, I received word that my parents had both been stricken with Alastrim and were both very ill. Alas, both of my parents are now dead, so let us all pray they find favor with the gods.

I may now be the only surviving member of the clan of Jephi – my only brother ran away many years ago and last I heard he had been involved in the pillage and plunder of several towns along the coast. There is no certainty that he also is not dead or imprisoned. In any case, since I am the last member of my family, I did receive a small inheritance. One of the things left to my name is a house on the countryside. I am a ranger and would never feel comfortable settling down in one place but perhaps we may find some use for the house in the future.

Just a quick description of the house – we have wide open lands/fields, but only a few goats and sheep. There is a small barn for the animals (though they typically are allowed to just roam and graze the fields) and then the house itself. It is a pretty good sized house relative to others in the region. It has two levels – one at the level of the ground, and a cellar. The main level has 4 sleep rooms, a kitchen and eating area, and a book room – nothing particularly exciting.

I do have one very interesting find to share with you, however. I was ruffling through the cellar looking for tools I could use for our ventures and I stumbled across a map. It is not a local map for where my house is, which is why I first noticed it. (Why would my parents have an old map of another region they’ve never been to…?) Looking more closely, there are 7 spots on the map denoted by X plus a few other strange symbols (symbols of some gods, maybe?). I am very curious what these all mean. Is it a treasure map or what? I am hoping one of you might know more about it. It does have a few words in some other language, but I do not know which (I only speak “common”).

So, again, I am sorry to have left in such a hurry, but I am hoping you accept me back into your group for some new missions.


Butch Hurr: Salted Fish
The Sweet Smell of Success?

It has only been a few days here in Seraph bay… I have a feeling that many more strange events await me here. In the brief time that I’ve been here, I’ve come in contact with an interesting group of people in the business of making a quick buck for investigative and potentially martial services. Soon after the Producer’s troupe and I had reached their destination, I came in contact with a funny little dwarf who was apparently a bard. I’ve never seen such a thing before but there he was. He approached me with information of the group I have been with for the past few days, from his point of view mostly negative, but he thought their line of work might be right up my alley. The dwarf told me that they would eventually come looking for him here so he left me with a description of the members of the group and a message for the sorcerer and a message for the rogue. The sorcerer was the one to come looking for the dwarf. I told him that the dwarf recommended I take his place and that I was interested in procuring some finances through any martial services I could render with the group. He brought me back to the group and we all got acquianted. The rest of the group had already been on some mission to figure out why miners went missing and found some crazy dangerous magic gem that they wanted to go sell. I wasn’t so comfortable with the whole magic thing so I went to go drum us up some more normal work. I found a sea captain named Kazuko who I told me that the mine owner that the rest of the group was off removing the magic gem for had recommended our services. I brought him to meet the rest of the group since I was a new addition and didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes as far as negotiating our wages was concerned. He told us that something had been stealing a barrel a night from his storehouse of packed salted fish. He thought it might be a ghost or something because everything was locked down pretty tight. Well it turns out it was really this fish-man thing, and apparently he used to have buddies with him. The rogue, cleric, sorcerer and I had taken up positions in the corners of the warehouse so as to be able to signal each other in case something breached the perimeter. Well, something did just that and it was this fishy thing. It came in from the latrine in the opposite corner of the big room from me. I was moving down toward the cleric when I heard the rogue yell “Skywalker, close the door!” I heard a startled fishy noise and everyone started to rush down to latrine section of the room. The cleric got to the spot where the fishy thing had gone and I saw him get attacked by a spear from around the corner. I rushed over and dodged a blow myself and gave a mighty slash with my battleaxe. The creature fell and we discovered some disgusting magic intestinal rope it had. Anyway, we waited until dawn and nothing else happened. The captain came back and we told him what had happened and asked him if he would finance us another night to see if there might be any further problems. He agreed. We got the intestine ID’ed and went to go rest up for the next night. Well, back in the warehouse nothing was happening and it had already been a little bit after the fish creature had arrived the first night. The sorcerer convinced us to go down the latrine to see if we couldn’t put a stop to the source of the problem. I can tell you, the latrine of a fish storehouse smells doubly disgusting. We got down to the sewers below and I tripped on a razorwire that dug a fair bit into my shins. I was carrying my torch at the front of the group and didn’t see it coming at all. After that we tried to move through more cautiously looking for more of such traps. We came upon two dog-sized rats that we took out and found a few small things of value that may have fell in some people’s latrines when they weren’t being very careful. There was a black pearl that we found that some hobos had stashed away in their little sewer hut. We also came upon what looked like a hideout for the fishy things. A little further down that tunnel, after the rogue detected another one of the razorwire traps, we found out what had happened to, if not the rest, more of the fish creatures. There was a caved in section of the sewer that led into what we found out to be the ante-chamber of the tomb of the last king of this city. It looked like the fish things weren’t too careful and set off all of the tomb’s traps. We then got to the burial room itself. In the room there was an ornate sarcophagas, a big bronze minotaur statue in front of it and a huge splat of blood that disappeared into a crack in the floor. The rogue thought that the statue might be alive and wanted to shoot at it to make sure it wasn’t. The sorcerer thought that was a crazy stupid idea but thought there might either be some squishing kind of trap or a hidden creature in the room. I thought it would be a best to have the rogue investigate what seemed like it might be a trapdoor in the middle of the room before we took a chance at disturbing the statue or sarcophagas. I would flank on one side behind the columns and the sorcerer and cleric would flank on the other side of the columns. The rogue started to examine and sure enough found a trap door. Then something totally crazy happened… the sorcerer decided he would prove to the rogue that it wasn’t alive, so he walked up and punched it with his gauntlet. I think that will be the last time anyone tries to punch a statue ever again becuase it swung its massive axe at the sorcerer and nearly cleaved him clean in half. It then came after the rogue who was directly in front of him behind the trapdoor and for some inexplicable reason walked right over the trapdoor which swallowed it up. After getting over the shock of it all, we searched the sarcophagas and wound up taking the jewel embedded in the lid and the old king’s crown. I didn’t feel right decsecrating the place and wanted simply to sell the information of the place but it was pointed out that if we didn’t take it more of the fish people probably would get back here before we did. That sounded reasonable so we took the stuff and I hauled the very lifeless body of the sorcerer back up out of the sewers. It was either very late at night or very early in the morning now, depending on how you want to look at it and so I had no trouble taking the body back to the inn unnoticed. The rogue and cleric stayed behind to meet up with the captain who gave them our wages and promised to put a grating in the latrine so that no more of the fish creatures or anything else could come up. I had asked the cleric if he thought any of his people could revive the sorcerer but he advised we find a druid since he knew they could revive the sorcerer for a cheaper fee. What he didn’t mention was the fact that the druid would wind up turning the sorcerer into a halfling in the process of reviving him. I could see that this was additionally traumatic to sorcerer, but at least he seemed to not be too unhappy with not being dead. After a good rest we will figure out what to do with our booty.

The First Job
Mine of Madnes

The party travels a day’s journey outside the city. Although they arrive at the mine at dusk, the enter at once. Within the mine, they are attacked by a lizard-man and a monstrous centipede. After dealing the the monsters that inhabited the mine, they discover the bodies of the miners. They also find the man who had been sent before them to investigate. This man was apparently driven mad by a strange gem found by the miners. The party subdue the man and return to town to claim their reward. The mine owner pays the party members their fee, as well as an extra 30gp for keeping quiet about what happened at the mine. The gem is sold to House Asher for 4,000gp.

The Katabasis
Wherein our hero’s disparate journeys are completed, and their adventure begins

Our story begins on the road to Seraph Bay. A spring storm has swept into the interior of the country, and its ferocious wind and rain have driven all travelers from the roads. An inn near a day’s ride from the city has seen a number of travelers seeking shelter as the storm raged outside. Each guest is eager to be on their way, but the tempest forces them to wait, impatient. After two days cowering in the inn, when the third day dawns clear and bright the travelers, feeling themselves much delayed, set out en-mass toward the city of Seraph Bay.


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