Seraph Bay

Jacobi's Return


I sincerely apologize to you all for leaving in such a rush after our return from the mine a couple weeks ago. When we arrived in town, I received word that my parents had both been stricken with Alastrim and were both very ill. Alas, both of my parents are now dead, so let us all pray they find favor with the gods.

I may now be the only surviving member of the clan of Jephi – my only brother ran away many years ago and last I heard he had been involved in the pillage and plunder of several towns along the coast. There is no certainty that he also is not dead or imprisoned. In any case, since I am the last member of my family, I did receive a small inheritance. One of the things left to my name is a house on the countryside. I am a ranger and would never feel comfortable settling down in one place but perhaps we may find some use for the house in the future.

Just a quick description of the house – we have wide open lands/fields, but only a few goats and sheep. There is a small barn for the animals (though they typically are allowed to just roam and graze the fields) and then the house itself. It is a pretty good sized house relative to others in the region. It has two levels – one at the level of the ground, and a cellar. The main level has 4 sleep rooms, a kitchen and eating area, and a book room – nothing particularly exciting.

I do have one very interesting find to share with you, however. I was ruffling through the cellar looking for tools I could use for our ventures and I stumbled across a map. It is not a local map for where my house is, which is why I first noticed it. (Why would my parents have an old map of another region they’ve never been to…?) Looking more closely, there are 7 spots on the map denoted by X plus a few other strange symbols (symbols of some gods, maybe?). I am very curious what these all mean. Is it a treasure map or what? I am hoping one of you might know more about it. It does have a few words in some other language, but I do not know which (I only speak “common”).

So, again, I am sorry to have left in such a hurry, but I am hoping you accept me back into your group for some new missions.




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