Peter's guy.


Alignment: Unknown

STR +2 DEX +4 CON +2 INT +2 WIS +0 CHA +1

HP 8, AC 16 (Leather Armor)

Attack Bonus: +0 (+1 Melee / +5 Ranged)

Weapons: Short Sword, Light Crossbow, Dagger

Saves: FORT +2 REF +6 WILL +0

Feats: Combat Reflexes

Skills (4 pts in each): Disable Device, Forgery, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand, Use Rope, Search, Escape Artist, Move Silently, Bluff, Hide.

Languages: Common, Gnome, Slyvan, Goblin,

Stuff: 24.5 Gold, Leather Armor, Short Sword, Lt. Crossbow, Dagger, Backpack with Waterskin, 2 day’s Trail Rations, Bedroll, Sack, Flint and Steel, Thieves Tools, Hooded Lantern, 3 Pints of Oil, 1 case with 10 bolts.


Entry 681 Twenty-third day of the feast of Gowdikle the Wise

Today I finally have in my possession the High Holy Moofta’s personal tiara. After all of the trouble I went to to swipe it, I must say, it’s a piece of crap. Who would go to the trouble of intricately carving and gluing together pigeon beaks anyway? But for some reason, that is what my love, the Fay princess Rakassona desires. In a week’s time I will be back in her arms and she will be eternally thankful.

Entry 684 Second day of the Divine Mud Rite

How could she do this to me? The damn Fay bitch! She told me she needed me…She told me she me all that was missing was a sign of my devotion to her. I risk my life to steal the object she had requested, and she makes a laughing stock of me. Apparently this was a joke all along…well who is laughing now? She has nothing to do but rot since I escaped with her entire troupe of kidnapped entertainers. I am beginning to regret not leaving her in possession of one of the troupe though. If Aubouf annoys her as much as he annoys me, I did her a service in releasing him.

Entry 686 Eighth day of the Divine Mud Rite

Aubouf, although maddeningly random, has actually proven himself useful. Although not as entertaining as some of his companions, he has a way of…I don’t know, captivating people in some weird way with his abilities. Perhaps something of the damned Fay magic wore off on him while he was imprisoned. Whatever the cause, his talents are welcome. Between his gifts and my knack for knowing just where the valuables are, we are earning a fine wage.

Entry 695 Commemoration of the Night of a Thousand Bats

It is just me and Aubouf now. The rest of the troupe moved off as soon as their fear of the Fairies subsided. I myself suspect that the king will not allow Rakassona to come after us. He never approved of his daughter’s antics, and she certainly won’t tell her father that she was keeping an entire troupe captive for her own amusement. Aubouf remained behind with me. We never discussed our arrangement, it just developed organically. I am learning to put up with his ways, and it is nice to have someone to watch my back while working. I certainly have a history of misreading people, but I can’t help but trust him.


Seraph Bay Zookfoodle