Butch Hurr

A tough farmboy fascinated with dragons



24d6 yielded: 3x1’s, 2x2’s, 7x3’s, 1x4’s, 5x5’s, 6x6’s

Discarded dice: 1,1,1,2,2,3

  • STR6+6+6+018+4
  • DEX3+5+5+013+1
  • CON6+6+6+018+4
  • INT3+5+5+013+1
  • WIS3+3+4+010+0
  • CHA3+3+5+011+0


  • Common
  • Draconic (Int +1)


Melee: Battleaxe, Heavy Pick, Warhammer.

Ranged: None.

Studded_Leather. Small Steel Shield. Peasant’s Outfit. Backpack with assorted basic items. Artisan’s Tools.

Skills (I think this is how I did it…):

(2 + 1 [<-Int Mod]) x 4 [+ 4 racial bonus] = 16 skill points to allocate.

class skillstat modbonusallocatedtotal


Dodge Expertise Mobility


Butch grew up on a farm and with his mother and step-father and was always a very hardy, strapping young lad. About the time his was old enough to apprentice to some craftsman, would that have been his lot in life, he had already proven himself to be quite invaluable to the operation of the family farm. Through connections, his step-father had gotten the local lord to put the family in charge of this particular farm. It was fairly small, but large enough to produce enough for the little family as well as yield a fair precentage which would go to the lord and his militia.

Butch wound up doing much of the work around the farm alone with his step-father when he was young. He proved to be quite handy in the field and had a knack for repairing hoe handles and the like. By age ten, Butch was put in charge of hauling the produce to the lord’s compound. It was here that he frequently was stopped by the young knights in training who were older than him but found respect for him in his toughness and resiliency and his natural talent for wrestling and boxing. They often like to spar and roughhouse with him on his way back to the farm. When not engaged in physically exacting sports, they would share with Butch wonderous stories of knights who could accomplish mighty deeds of bravery, even conquering a dragon. For some reason, these stories were most intriguing to young Butch who would often daydream about dragons while doing his daily labors.

As he got older, he decided to join the lord’s militia in the infantry to see what he could make of himself since his parents had become established enough by this time to hire a few hands to help out with the farm. While in the service of the lord, he quickly learned and excelled in the ways of battle. After a serveral years of service in the militia, and after many daydreams about dragons and pondering why he always felt he understood what the little snakes and lizards he caught around the farm as a child were thinking, he resigned from his post and set out to explore and find out what he could about dragons. He couldn’t help but feel an affinity toward them, even in the midst of the excitement of hearing how some noble knight struck a killing blow.

And so he set out on his quest. On his way he began to ponder where he had come from and where he was going in life. He wondered why his parents never had any more children. He wondered why he had become so obsessed with drgaon lore. He wondered if he would ever find out who his father is and why he was never brought up as a child. And he wondered if something truly exciting was just waiting around the corner for him.

Butch met up with a bardic troupe in a large town at a pub. It was there he was treated to a performance including mystifying dance he later found out when talking to the dancer was called the dragon kata. The dancer, who was a former monk, introduced Butch to the leader of the troupe, who they called the Producer. It was with the Producer that he bargained to join the escort of the troupe for the small price of whatever dragon lore they could relate to him on their way to the big city of Seraph Bay, the troupe’s next destination.


Entry: Salted Fish

It has only been a few days here in Seraph bay… I have a feeling that many more strange events await me here. In the brief time that I’ve been here, I’ve come in contact with an interesting group of people in the business of making a quick buck for investigative and potentially martial services. Soon after the Producer’s troupe and I had reached their destination, I came in contact with a funny little dwarf who was apparently a bard. I’ve never seen such a thing before but there he was. He approached me with information of the group I have been with for the past few days, from his point of view mostly negative, but he thought their line of work might be right up my alley. The dwarf told me that they would eventually come looking for him here so he left me with a description of the members of the group and a message for the sorcerer and a message for the rogue. The sorcerer was the one to come looking for the dwarf. I told him that the dwarf recommended I take his place and that I was interested in procuring some finances through any martial services I could render with the group. He brought me back to the group and we all got acquianted. The rest of the group had already been on some mission to figure out why miners went missing and found some crazy dangerous magic gem that they wanted to go sell. I wasn’t so comfortable with the whole magic thing so I went to go drum us up some more normal work. I found a sea captain named Kazuko who I told me that the mine owner that the rest of the group was off removing the magic gem for had recommended our services. I brought him to meet the rest of the group since I was a new addition and didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes as far as negotiating our wages was concerned. He told us that something had been stealing a barrel a night from his storehouse of packed salted fish. He thought it might be a ghost or something because everything was locked down pretty tight. Well it turns out it was really this fish-man thing, and apparently he used to have buddies with him. The rogue, cleric, sorcerer and I had taken up positions in the corners of the warehouse so as to be able to signal each other in case something breached the perimeter. Well, something did just that and it was this fishy thing. It came in from the latrine in the opposite corner of the big room from me. I was moving down toward the cleric when I heard the rogue yell “Skywalker, close the door!” I heard a startled fishy noise and everyone started to rush down to latrine section of the room. The cleric got to the spot where the fishy thing had gone and I saw him get attacked by a spear from around the corner. I rushed over and dodged a blow myself and gave a mighty slash with my battleaxe. The creature fell and we discovered some disgusting magic intestinal rope it had. Anyway, we waited until dawn and nothing else happened. The captain came back and we told him what had happened and asked him if he would finance us another night to see if there might be any further problems. He agreed. We got the intestine ID’ed and went to go rest up for the next night. Well, back in the warehouse nothing was happening and it had already been a little bit after the fish creature had arrived the first night. The sorcerer convinced us to go down the latrine to see if we couldn’t put a stop to the source of the problem. I can tell you, the latrine of a fish storehouse smells doubly disgusting. We got down to the sewers below and I tripped on a razorwire that dug a fair bit into my shins. I was carrying my torch at the front of the group and didn’t see it coming at all. After that we tried to move through more cautiously looking for more of such traps. We came upon two dog-sized rats that we took out and found a few small things of value that may have fell in some people’s latrines when they weren’t being very careful. There was a black pearl that we found that some hobos had stashed away in their little sewer hut. We also came upon what looked like a hideout for the fishy things. A little further down that tunnel, after the rogue detected another one of the razorwire traps, we found out what had happened to, if not the rest, more of the fish creatures. There was a caved in section of the sewer that led into what we found out to be the ante-chamber of the tomb of the last king of this city. It looked like the fish things weren’t too careful and set off all of the tomb’s traps. We then got to the burial room itself. In the room there was an ornate sarcophagas, a big bronze minotaur statue in front of it and a huge splat of blood that disappeared into a crack in the floor. The rogue thought that the statue might be alive and wanted to shoot at it to make sure it wasn’t. The sorcerer thought that was a crazy stupid idea but thought there might either be some squishing kind of trap or a hidden creature in the room. I thought it would be a best to have the rogue investigate what seemed like it might be a trapdoor in the middle of the room before we took a chance at disturbing the statue or sarcophagas. I would flank on one side behind the columns and the sorcerer and cleric would flank on the other side of the columns. The rogue started to examine and sure enough found a trap door. Then something totally crazy happened… the sorcerer decided he would prove to the rogue that it wasn’t alive, so he walked up and punched it with his gauntlet. I think that will be the last time anyone tries to punch a statue ever again becuase it swung its massive axe at the sorcerer and nearly cleaved him clean in half. It then came after the rogue who was directly in front of him behind the trapdoor and for some inexplicable reason walked right over the trapdoor which swallowed it up. After getting over the shock of it all, we searched the sarcophagas and wound up taking the jewel embedded in the lid and the old king’s crown. I didn’t feel right decsecrating the place and wanted simply to sell the information of the place but it was pointed out that if we didn’t take it more of the fish people probably would get back here before we did. That sounded reasonable so we took the stuff and I hauled the very lifeless body of the sorcerer back up out of the sewers. It was either very late at night or very early in the morning now, depending on how you want to look at it and so I had no trouble taking the body back to the inn unnoticed. The rogue and cleric stayed behind to meet up with the captain who gave them our wages and promised to put a grating in the latrine so that no more of the fish creatures or anything else could come up. I had asked the cleric if he thought any of his people could revive the sorcerer but he advised we find a druid since he knew they could revive the sorcerer for a cheaper fee. What he didn’t mention was the fact that the druid would wind up turning the sorcerer into a halfling in the process of reviving him. I could see that this was additionally traumatic to the sorcerer, but at least he seemed to not be too unhappy with not being dead. After a good rest we will figure out what to do with our booty.

Entry: Shifty Dealings

We took the crown and jewel to the old codger the sorcerer struck a deal with to evaluate the stuff our group winds up in possession of and his reaction didn’t help the gut feeling I had to begin with. He was incredulous that but definately recognized that the crown might actually be the ancient crown of the king and mentioned something about the tomb being sealed beneath the council house of the choir, the ruling body of this city. After some debate through which I offered my strong opinion that we return it to the city through at the next meeting of the choir. We were hoping to gain some reward, the least of which would be the public acclaim of the choir, for recovering the crown and jewel from the fishmen bandits (or so would be the story we would tell them, since indeed, if they could have gotten them the fishmen would have taken possession of them). The sorcerer said he would take charge of the task and in the meanwhile the rest of us split up to look for jobs and do various personal errands. I, for one, went out to seek another job as well as find some armaments to aid in the success of any future jobs we might have. While out and having little luck finding anyone who would require our expertise, I decided to stop by the Producer’s troupe to listen to a few more dragon tales, but I also had another reason for the visit. When he had a few moments, I asked the Producer how he had become so successful with his troupe and if he had any generic tips concerning the running of an organization. I was interested to see if the advice he could give might be of benefit to our little outfit. Finally, I asked if he might be in need of our services… he laughed and said he hadn’t, but to check back with him. When I was done at the troupe’s base of operations I headed back to town to see if I could find a job but still nothing, so I headed back to the group with the things the Producer said about running a successful organization in mind. When I got back to the inn, we had apparently been contracted as an escort for a shady exchange that night. I was breifly introduced to the scouting report on the location of the exchange and plan about how we were to conduct our escort. The rogue would keep watch on the roof, while I played the part of the passed out drunkard in the abandoned stable. The rest would come with the one who hired us. Clearly this would not be the time to bring up any of the Producer’s advice especially since I was to get disguised and head over early with the rogue to keep a lookout. Midnight came uneventfully from my perspective and the exchange began. When the big creature became testy and threatened violence we started to spring into action. But just as we started to move, a kurthud came from below the place about where the rogue was stationed, but it was not the rogue… it was a goblin. I readied my club with an oil of Shilleigh I had purchased earlier in the day in preparation for a big fight with the large creature looking shocked at the sight of what I could only assume was his accomplice. But before I could approach the target, the sorcerer cast a spell of sleep and put the creature out. The rogue hopped down from the roof onto the top of the stable and then down to the ground to tie up the creature for questioning since the item to be exchanged was not on it. After it came to, we questioned it about the item’s whereabouts. It said the item was in the abandoned shop across from the stable and we got out of him that there was a trap on the front door. I went to the side to get the item and brought it back out. I handed it over to the one who hired us who wanted us to make sure our captive didn’t bother him again. We knocked out the captive and decided to use the barrel of salted fish to smuggle it to some far off place. I took the barrel down to the dock of captain Kazuko and waited continuing with my drunkard act to make sure the barrel got on the boat. I fell asleep until the incoming crew woke me up at dawn. The barrel I left looked intact as it was loaded onto the ship. I then headed back to the inn. The rest of the group had already went back to the inn to rest and collected our payment for the job. The next morning we took care of our accounting and split up the proceeds from the booty of last night’s job that the cleric and the new ranger with whom I have not yet been well acquainted went out early to sell. It was when the group had gotten back together that I thought would be a good time to discuss the ideas I had been thinking about concerning the Producer’s advice on how to effectively run an organization….......

.......... We discussed the need for effective leadership particularly concerning the monetary goals of our party and also concerning our battle strategy. My concern in particular was our battle strategy since we had already lost a man, though miraculously returned to us at a cost. I humbly put myself up for candidate to be our battle coordinator hoping my experience with my old Lord’s militia would prove useful in saving anyone else in our group from future casualties. I was accepted as battle coordinator though the ranger, Jacobi, did not see as great a need for such a position as I did. I then turned the discussion toward a party leader who would be in charge of the groups ultimate goals which as of now can be summed up as the acquisition of wealth. Though seemingly unlikely due the stories I had heard about how this group originally came together, the group voted the rogue, Zookfoodle, to the position of party leader since he seemed to have a good handle on what things were worth and what he thought we could achieve out of a given situation.

Entry: Woman Hunt

It was not long until we found our next job. A wealthy merchant by the name of Yitzhak approached us about finding his missing wife whom he believed to be kidnapped. He told us that his wife was attacked in her carriage returning home from one of the charity balls she was accustomed to throwing and that her personal bodygaurd who was driving the carriage was last seen running after the assailants with his sword brandished. We investigated the crime scene and questioned a the three witnesses that were found. All agreed on the details; there were three assialants and one was much bigger than the other two, so much so that he tore the door of the carriage and carried off the victim with ease. We found a leather glove that stank like the tanneries near the inn at which we are staying. We found the tannery at which worked the man who fit the large assailant’s description. We went in and asked him if the glove we had was his. He said it was. The sorcerer thought he might be able to intimidate him into giving us information about where the woman was by saying that everyone knew that he was the one who did the kidnapping. This only seemed to make him happy as apparently the people among whom he tends to associate with would esteem him the more for it. As our goal was not yet met, the sorcerer decided to try a different tactic, he put him to sleep and we bound him up and removed his clothes. This, apparently was threatening enough treatment to make him tell us of the man who hired him for the kidnapping. In return, we agreed to allow him to keep his bullying fame. We then went to visit the house of the man who hired him who by all accounts was a dangerous crime leader. Since he was not at home, we knew this because we searched it for either him or any clues as to where the wife might be, we decided to wait for him. As he returned, I shouted from the upstairs who he was and where the kidnapped woman was. He was apparently not accustomed to being helpful and a melee took place. We knocked him out and tied him up before reviving him for information. He told us that the woman was with the bodygaurd and they were fleeing the town toward an old cottage. As we set out toward the cottage we noticed six sets of tracks. On the way to the cottage we encountered three dwarves who we gathered were also hired to track down the wife. After a brief battle, we tied them all together but left them with all of their gear since we had no quarrel with them save rights to the reward money for returning Yitzhak his wife. After a bloody battle, we managed to capture both the bodygaurd and the wife who apparently was not quite the unwilling kidapped victim that we were told by Yitzhak she was as she too attacked us upon our approach. It was late when we returned the two to Yitzhak. The next day we also produced Abnar, the man who supplied the fake kidnapping, and recieved our reward money. Before we could settle all of our accounts with all of the money and booty we got, Jacobi got word that his parents were ill and that he would have to leave right away to be with them before they passed on. He did so and we kept our accounting until his return. In the meanwhile, the Producer would approach me with an offer I simply could not refuse. He wanted me to be in a play about dragons. He thought it would be a good experience for me since I seemed to be so interested in them. The story was told from the dragon’s point of view and my part in the story would be that of the knight who would have been the dragon’s slayer. He thought I ‘looked the part’ and that all I would need to do is to stay with them for the week of the play and be able to memorize a few lines of poetic oratory. The monk shadowdancer would be the dragon in a very elaborate costume. The story was quite beautiful and thought provoking and I enjoyed being a part of it. I do not know if what I had done was truly acting since I felt very much myself though saying words that would not be first off my tongue. The Producer called this ‘type casting’ and jovially laughed saying I did all that he wanted me to do and was very convincing in the part. Upon returning to group after the conclusion of the play week, I learned that they too had an interesting though not very monitarily profitable experience.

Entry: Soul Shifting Dealings

I was told by the party what had gone on while I was away. Firstly, Jacobi returned from his now deceased parents’ home. He had brought with him news that he was now the heir to the property and offered that it might come in useful to the party and also what looked to he to be some sort of treasure map. Before the group could decide about what to do with the map, Randolf had returned in a very nervous and frightened way. That is to say that he did not return at all, but had somehow sent a messenger to find us to say that he needed our protective services while in hiding. Almost immediately after the messager had left a shifty stranger came saying he too required our services in regard to Randolph, although his designs were not so protective. Randolph’s messenger offered us three thousand gold to protect him until the next day at his hideout until his permenant departure from the city the next morning. This one offered us one thousand for proof that Randolph had been dispatched and the return of the box we had acquired for him. The stranger told us that he was with a crime ring called the borken circle and that Randolph had absconded with the box which was one of their prized treasures. After the stranger had left, the group of course, while not having any quarrel with Randolph, started to try to devise a way to play both sides for maximum profit. However, this would prove to be far from a profitable endeavor. The sorcerer decided to gather information about town concerning the broken circle while the rest of the group went to the hideout. The group found Randolph hiding in the basement underneath the stairs. They told him of the plan on his life which confirmed his fears and made him even more nervious. They tried to discuss a possible means of throwing of the broken circle by pretending he was dead already but he would not find any of the scenarios acceptable. They then reason with him about finding a new hideout since the messenger knew where he was and might be caught and interrogated by the stranger or others in the broken circle and that they might have even been trailed to this location. The sorcerer rejoined the party at the hideout not having found out much at all about the broken circle, and that is when the attack started. Having only barely been brought up to speed on the situation the sorcerer’s dwarven porter was heard to be knocked out at his post as was the ranger’s hunter. Then came the javelin hail in through the windows. A gnoll attacked through from the back door and a bug bear charged in from the front. It was a long and intense battle. Vanmorial the other ranger eventually got outside the back from the basement where she was when the battle started to take on the three goblin javelineers. This the gnoll and the bug bear were taken on in turn by the ranger Jacobi and the cleric. The gnoll was going down when the bugbear attacked in a strangely coordinated surprise attack. But just as the party dispatched the last of the five a glowing sphere of fire was cast into the room. A drow was standing near the doorway obviously well versed magically. The group very quickly turned their attention on the drow and charged out the door to face him. He retaliated by casting multiple images of his visage making it quite difficult to tell which to attack as they were all moving and melding in and out of each other synchonously. As the party attacked the images began to be destroyed and it started to become clear that the wizard was running out of defenses. He swarmed the flaming sphere onto different members of the party but they were fairly adept at dodging any incerating effects. The wizard succeed in only putting one the party to sleep in a last effort to disptch them but it was no use, the rogue managed to zero in on which image was no image but the drow himself and made what by all accounts was an amazing shot that pierced clear through the drow’s neck. He fell dead instantly. With the last of the threats taken care of the group returned to Randolph to make sure he was ok and to tell him that the threat had been taken care of. However, what they found that his mental state had deteriorate such that there was no reasoning with him. In his extreme panic, he opened the box which was said to contain some sort of super protection for whoever opened it. Instead what he seemed to get was the possession of his body by some spirit. With their blood still hot from the battle and wary of the unearthly flaming glow of this new Randolph’s eyes, they threw holy water at the possessed Randolph who no longer seemed to recognize his own name only to have him laugh. It spoke in a strange voice and did not at first seem to be violent but the party did not trust it, and commenced an attack fearing what power this thing might have that possessed Randolph. And power it did have. Upon being attacked it sent out a whirlwind in the basement of that house that nearly dispatched the entire party. However, once again the rogue managed to find an opening around the gales and landed a shot that separated the spirit from the body of Randolph. Randolph of course, died in the process but the box had been emptied. The money that Randolph had promised could not be found on the airship and the broken circle would not have their intact spirit in a box returned to them. Aside from the few affects from the henchmen, all the party seemed to show for their work were burns, lacerations, and contusions. Upon hearing all this I began to wonder whether things might have gone differently if I had been there to help out, but I do in no way regret having participated in such an enlighting play.

Entry: Rival Magic

For about a week there have been no jobs requiring our groups particular skill set. We had been resting up and seek work but none came. Then, something unexpected happened. We were sought out by the chamberlin of House Asher. He told of us a magic book he need us to seek out for him. The catch was that it was in a rival city called High Tower out passed the waters of the bay. He told us that we would be taken by airship and all of our expenses would be paid upon the successful retrival of the book from the tower of a mage from the rival city. He assured us that the mage himself would not pose us any threat and that we would simply need to find the book. He gave us an amulet that he thought might be some sort of key to getting a hold of the book. The ranger Vanmorial proved nowhere to be found and true to her word was off doing things her own way once again. As we had no way to determine when she might come back to join us on this quest for which we had only four days to complete, we packed up and headed out on the next available airship. Needless to say, the sorcerer Joybringer was quite please being in the element he desired to be his permenantly one day. Other than Joybringer madly running around the ship sniffing ropes and hugging mizen masts, the voyage was quite uneventful and rather quick considering the distance travelled. When we got to High Tower we went searching for the tower which we found two hours walk outside of town. In order not to waste any time we started our reconnaissance. The first floor looked like a battle had taken place there. We picked up a few interesting items and the rogue happened upon a poison dart trap on the door to what we would eventually learn lead to the cellar although it is probably more accurate to say that the poison darts happened upon him. Due to the discouraging nature of the trap we decided to attempt to go up the stairs on the other side of the room. We went up onto the next floor where there were many, many books. The rogue began to search the room for the book we had come for but instead happened up a rather large and rather animated rug which attacked. We sliced it up until it no longer posed a threat but the book was not to be found on this floor. We proceed to the next floor the door to which was gaurded by another trap, this one a bladed pendulum trap. We managed to get passed it and onto the third floor. As we entered and as the rogue began once again to search, a giant spider surprised us from through the large cobwebs in the room. This spider was no small threat but we dispatched it without too much injury. Once we could finally take notice of the room we saw an ornate chest with similar design and markings as on the amulet. Using the amulet we opened the chest and found a book which we believed to be the one we were looking for. But before we would leave the tower, we decided we ought to be sure that we did not overlook anything, so we went back to the main floor and the door with the dart trap. Behind it was stairs leading down and we followed them to an musty storeroom. The rogue as usual began his search of the room but as he got to the center a giant insect-like creature attacked him and began to drag him down into the ground to what we could only assume was some sort of subterrainian burrow below the tower. The ranger reacted quickly with a desperate attempt to save the rogue wherein he lassoed him. I helped pull the rogue out of the grip of the creature as it turned its attention to the attacks of the cleric and the ranger. Once the creature was slain we found not much else of interest in the store room. We decided to salvage what we could out of the tower including the library of books on the second floor. I kept a few of the books that interested me, namely those concerned with dragons. We rented a cart and horse to expidite our sale of the booty since we wanted to complete our mission as soon as possible to get our reward….......

.......... After we had sold off the books and other minor valuables in High Tower, we loaded ourselves, gear, chest, and all back onto the airship and started to get what we thought would be an uneventful night of sleep. We were mistaken, however, as the night turned out to be quite eventful indeed, starting when the rogue aroused us from our sleep at around midnight when he cried that we were being advanced upon. Two armed gnomes were in our room with malicious looking intentions…...

Butch Hurr

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