City of Seraph Bay


Seraph Bay is a coastal city of medium size located north of the Argyris mountains. With the misty mountains at its back and the cold northern sea before it, the city maintains an independent type of culture. Its sheltered harbor, created by the sweep of the mountains as they march into the sea, is home to a small fishing fleet and is a port of call on several trade routes. Foreign luxuries and trade goods come into the city in exchange for the gems and refined ore brought out from the mines beneath the mountains. While there is much cultivated land surrounding the city itself, the hills and mountains beyond are heavily wooded.


Although the city itself is ancient, founded over one thousand years ago, for the last several centuries it has been a much-reduced shadow of its former glory. Revolutions and disasters had cut the mines off from their foreign markets, causing many of them to be abandoned to the forests for centuries. Only in the last few years have the old mines been reopened. As the forests and its wild threats are pushed back, wealth is again flowing through the city of Seraph Bay.


The citizens of Seraph Bay are close-knit, with most people claiming connections to at least one of several Houses. It is an isolated city, and has many unique customs and traditions. The city is the home of the Children of the Pterygia, a local religion devoted to the demigod Kemuel, although their followers have dwindled since the height of the city’s power, and foreign gods now claim many followers.

Great Houses

The Great Houses are the ruling powers of the city. A Great House is great by virtue of having a seat in the Choir, the ruling body of Seraph Bay. Seats in the Choir are hereditary, and the body is not democratic. Each House represents and defends its own interests, therefor most of the people of the city are affiliated with one or another of the Houses.

House Samuil – Shipping. Lost much power and wealth in past years as trade dried up, but is resurgent with the new growth of the city.

House Sture – Farming. Not the most wealthy House, but stable. Less focused on City politics, more on running their farms and plantations.

House Dipaka – Metalworking

House Kadri – Fishing

House Asher – Priestly house

House Cesaire – Timber

House Ramesha -

House Lubomir

House Ireneus

House Hirshel

City of Seraph Bay

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